Actor Premji holds hands with his girlfriend… Congratulations…

Actor Premji has been congratulated by the film stars and fans for holding hands with his girlfriend.

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Tamil cinema multi-talent Gangai Amaran has two sons. Elder Venkat Prabhu. He is a leading director and actor in Tamil cinema. Similarly, the second son Premji is also a popular actor. In which Venkat Prabhu is already married and has children. Meanwhile, actor and composer Premji is still unmarried. It is customary for fans to celebrate him as a rogue single.

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Actor Premji has a place in most of the films directed by Venkat Prabhu. Premji is also playing the lead role in Vijay’s film The Code directed by Venkat Prabhu. However, 45-year-old Premji has not been married for a long time. In this case, recently Premji’s wedding invitation went viral on the internet. Following this, his brother Venkat Prabhu also announced the marriage of Premji.

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In this case, actor Premji got married to his long time girlfriend Indu at Tiruthani Murugan Temple today on 9th June. Only close relatives and friends participated in this wedding ceremony. Wedding videos and photos are going viral on the internet. Friends, fans and celebrities are congratulating Premji and Hindu couple. It is noteworthy that the wedding reception was also held before this.
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