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Vadivelu, one of the greatest comedians in Tamil cinema, is fondly called “Vaikaipuyal” by his fans.

Hailing from Madurai, he made his debut in the film industry on the recommendation of famous actor Raj Kiran.

Vaikaipuyal Wadivelu:

She made her debut in 1988 by acting in the movie En Thangai Kalyani directed by T Rajender, recommended by Rajkiran.

After that, the entire Tamil cinema fans were mesmerized by his talent and his incredible comedy performance.

He kept getting successive film opportunities. Asathi will be seen in comedy films with many leading heroes like Rajinikanth, Ajith, Vijay and Dhanush.

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To the point of saying that there are films without Vadivelu, he will definitely get a place in the film.

Not only that, Vadivelu was caught in huge controversies at the same time that he gained great fame as the best comedy actor.

Vadivelu in series of controversies:

Committing doesn’t come right for shooting films. He was embroiled in many controversies including dragging me after buying money, telling me that he never bought money after buying money.

He also got into a lot of controversy by doing many things including disrespecting fellow actors.

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Many celebrities have openly stated this in interviews. But Vadivelu did not deny or oppose this.

Vadivelu hasn’t really acted in films for a few years. He was given a red card saying that he was dragging his feet without acting in the films that he had signed a contract for after buying money.

After many years, he played a very important role in Udhayanidhi Stalin’s film Mamannan and attracted everyone’s attention.

Become a father-in-law:

Apart from this character being a comedy actor, he showed emotional and excellent performance as a very good character actor and attracted the attention of people from all walks of life.

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He is currently acting as a committee member in successive films after Vadivelu. Vadivelu has been acting especially in respectable roles.

In this situation, the current news is that popular comedy actress Priyanka shared her experience of acting with actor Vadivel in a recent interview.

A lot of people are telling some information about Vadivelu when he spoke in it. But I have no idea about it.

Acting with Vadivelu is a must do:

As far as I was concerned, it was easy for me to act with Vadivelu. The only difficult thing is that he has to hold back his laughter while acting in his scenes.

This will be the biggest challenge for me. I will laugh in many scenes. This is why they shoot a particular scene over and over again.

They will tag more times. Laughter can’t be controlled. But Priyanka has said that she has to control her laughter while acting with Vadivelu.

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