Actress Revathy’s real life heart-wrenching story that not many know..!

Actress Revathi is one of the most prominent actresses who became heroines in Tamil cinema at a very young age. While studying in school, she made her debut as a heroine in the movie Manvasana.

In those days, director Bharathiraja used to park his car at the temple and wait to introduce new actresses. Then the good-looking women will go to their homes and talk to them and make them heroines in movies.

Introduction to Revathi:

That is how Bharathiraja introduced actress Revathi to cinema. After that actress Revathy has acted in many movies in Tamil cinema. Revathi was a dream girl for the youth of that time.

But Revathi has faced many problems in her own life. Revathi married cinematographer Suresh Chandra Menon in 1986. But since 2022, both of them have started living separately.

When looking at the reason for this, there are talks on one side that the reason for this is the lack of children between them. Revathi loves children. But somehow they both had no children.

Marital Division:

After that both of them separated in 2013. But after that, actress Revathy was seen walking around with a child more and more. He was even seen arriving at many functions with a five-year-old child in hand.

Who is that girl named Madi has been a question for many. Then there were talks on one side that it was Revathi’s adopted child from the orphanage.

Revathi mahee

In 2018, Revathi revealed that Mahi is her child. Revathi had said that Mahi was the child she gave birth to in test tube mode.

After Revathi gave such an open interview, Suresh Chandra Menon expressed his desire to live together with Revathi again.

But Revathi has not yet given any answer, even though it is not clear why they broke up due to any problem, fans want them to live together.

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