Actress Sunaina married..! Look who the groom is..!

Actress Sunaina made her debut as a heroine in Tamil cinema through the movie Valandil Kalten. Right from the first film, he got a rapturous reception.

So much so that the film I fell in love with was only moderately well received. But Sunaina, who was only 16 years old, gave an excellent performance in that movie.

After that performance got a lot of response, he also got a response in the movie Masilamani. But apart from these two films, actress Sunaina has shown excellent performance in all the subsequent films.

Value earned for acting:

Sunaina, who played the role of a village woman in the important film Vamsam, performed so well that one would think that a real village woman had acted in the film.

After that, she had to play a fisher girl in the movie Neer Parivi which was completely different from that. But even that he did very well. In all these movies where Sunaina acted, Sunaina was the main character of the film.

Chances in Series:

She did not act in ordinary roles where some heroine had to come and go. But even after that, he did not get regular opportunities in cinema. His chances began to dwindle.

Meanwhile, he has also acted as a vampire in a web series. The web series was well received. But after that, no further seasons were released.

Currently Sunaina is 35 years old but still like other big actresses she is not married and many people are asking her in interviews when will she get married.

sunaina 1

In this situation, Sunaina has revealed the secret that she is going to get married soon by posting a picture holding her lover’s hand. In this situation, many fans are congratulating him for this decision.

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