Adi Dravidar Welfare Department name change? Trial in ICourt

76 tribes in Tamil Nadu have been identified as ‘Scheduled Tribes’ and Adi Dravidar Welfare Department has been established for them. Marimuthu from Chennai had filed a case in the High Court demanding that the name of the Adi Dravidian Welfare Department be declared as the Scheduled Castes Welfare Department.

In the petition, it was stated that the name of the Department of Welfare for Scheduled Tribes has been wrongly translated and that Adi Dravidian is one of the 76 Scheduled Tribes.

This is the case Chennai The charge of the High Court was heard by Chief Justice R. Mahadevan and Justice Mohammad Sabiq. At that time, government pleader Edwin Prabhakar, appearing for the Tamil Nadu government, said a committee was formed to study the name change. He said the committee did not make any recommendation regarding the name change when it studied.

The advocate for the petitioner said that the Supreme Court said that the translation of the departments should be correct. The judges who heard the case said that this issue is not an ordinary matter. Noting that many discussions are going on in this regard, they adjourned the hearing for 2 weeks.

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