Again with the mass actor Kummalam abroad.

There are rumors in Kollywood that the mass hero, who is the number one star hero in Tamil cinema, is not doing well in recent times.

The mass hero has left his wife and children and is cheating with the actresses who act with him.

Leelas of Mass Hero:

Gossips about him in such a way that Ivara frowns are reliably spoken in the cinema circles.

Yes, the mass actor had paired up with the actress who is now the number one actress in Tamil cinema after many years.

Both of them acted in the Libla scene in the movie which was seen as a matter of great controversy.

Apart from that, there are rumors in Kollywood that both of them are secretly having a family and going on outing dates.

Secret affair with number one actress:

Also, there was a lot of criticism that the number one actress gifted the mass hero with a diamond necklace because of the incident in a great way.

The actress does not deny or hate all this. Instead, he comes to keep peace.
Even recently, a female celebrity revealed many secrets about the number one actress and it was being talked about on social media.

As the number one actress’s kilma issues continue to come out and tear her face veil, the fans are left wondering if she is so bad.

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Not only that, he is getting opportunities to act in the films of big heroes by putting the mass actor in his hand.

Betrayal of Katina’s wife:

Due to this, Katina’s wife has also separated from the mass actor and is living abroad with her son and daughter.

The mass hero’s wife is fighting alone to make her son a big director in the film industry.

Also, the son has been trying to direct his own talent without the help of his father, who leaves his mother and spends time with actresses.

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Jalsa with actress abroad:

However, Kollywood is whispering that the mass hero son is putting many obstacles in his way.

In this case, this number one actress is again spending her summer holiday abroad with the mass hero secretly.

This information is currently being leaked and gossiped in Kollywood cinema. Not only that, it is expected that the actress will soon publish the photos taken alone.

Netizens are pouring oil into their eyes to find out where they are.

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