Agasthiyar Falls Tirunelveli, Summer Vacation Over: Tourists flock to Agasthiyar Falls! – tourists throng agasthiyar falls at tirunelveli

Agasthiyar Falls Tirunelveli Summer Vacation Over Tourists flock to Agasthiyar

Agasthyar Falls is located in a scenic area of ​​the Western Ghats near Ambasamudram in Nellai district.

Agastya Falls
The water released from Papanasam Karaiyar Dam, the main dam of Nellai district, flows into the Agasthyar Falls. The specialty of this waterfall is that it flows 365 days a year. So tourists from different parts of Tamil Nadu come here and enjoy bathing.

summer vacation
However, as the summer vacation is about to end, a large number of tourists from different parts of Tamil Nadu are flocking to bathe in Agasthiyar Falls.

At present monsoon has started in Kerala region and as a result cold air and occasional light rain is falling in Western Ghats.

Therefore, due to the cold weather, the tourists who come to the waterfall enjoy bathing in the rain. And small traders in the area are happy with the influx of tourists.

Intensive testing
Before going to the waterfall, the forest department at the Papanasam forest check post allows the tourists after a thorough check of the vehicles for any banned drugs and plastic items.

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