Amala Pal doing belly dance.. Internet shaking..!

Actress Amalapal made her film debut in 2009 with the Malayalam film Neelthamara. That first film was the only Malayalam film for him.

After that, the films he acted in were mostly Tamil films. Amala Paul acted in the movie Veerasekaran in 2010.

In the same year, the movie Sindhu Samaveli was released with his acting. The film was highly controversial and it was through this film that actor Harish Kalyan made his lead debut.

Success in Tamil:

After that, till then all the movies starring Amala Pal were not well received. Maina was the first movie starring Amala Pal directed by director Prabhu Salomon. The film became a huge hit.

Even when Amala Paul was asked in later interviews, she said that her first film was Maina. He started getting many film opportunities in Tamil. In the year 2011, the movie Deivathirumal was released in his acting.

amalapaul 2

Although he played a supporting role in the film, it was also an important role. How to keep hunting and falling in love? All his movies like Thrapudat Un Kantanas were huge hits.

Opportunity with Vijay:

In the year 2013, actress Amala Pal acted for the first time in the movie Thaliva along with the great actor Vijay. Later, Amala Paul married the director of the film AL Vijay after she fell in love with him.

But after a few years there was a divorce between them. However, Amala Paul continues to act in Tamil films. In 2019, he acted in the film Awasai which became a hugely controversial film.

Amala Paul acted completely naked in the movie. However, the director of the film had shown it in a civilized way without showing it obscene. Recently, he acted in the movie Aadu Jeevidam. This film was well received not only in Malayalam but also in India.

In this situation, Amala Paul, who often publishes one or the other photos on social media, has been continuously posting photos since her pregnancy. In that way, one of the videos released by him is becoming more viral.

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