Anita Kuppusamy’s daughter posted a hot photo in a dripping wet swimsuit on the internet..!

Popular folk singers Pushbhavanam Kuppusamy and Anitha have sung excellent songs for various films in Tamil cinema.

They are seen as a very famous folk duo of singers who sing great songs and have been honored with many cinema awards including the Kalaimamani Award given by the Tamil Nadu Government.

Famous Folk Singers:

Pushbhavanam Kuppusamy fell in love with and married popular country singer Anitha.

Both of them have participated in various competitions while studying in college and it was when they sang together in many concerts that they fell in love.

Later both of them fell in love with each other and got married. Both of them were seen as the best couple singing in movie songs, TV show songs, album songs etc.

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Its Anitha Kuppusamy and Pushbhavanam Kuppusamy have both sung many songs for social welfare awareness.

It is noted that they are running their own YouTube channel and are becoming very famous by publishing many videos on their YouTube including terrace garden, prayer room, kitchen and family and children.

Daughters of Anita Kuppusamy:

This couple has two daughters Pallavi Kuppusamy and Megha Kuppusamy. Pallavi Kuppusamy is the eldest daughter.

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Pallavi, a dentist, recently got married to IT expert Gautham Rajendra Prasad.

Even these wedding videos have gone viral on the internet. The wedding was held with a grand gathering of celebrities.

Both the daughters of Anitha Kuppusamy, who look like heroines in good-looking beauty. Well educated people.

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Eldest daughter in swimsuit:

Pallavi is working as a dentist in Chennai. Pallavi always posts her sexy photos on social media and gives dubs to heroines.

anitha kuppusamy 2

His photos are suddenly released on social media and become viral. Is this Kuppusamy’s daughter now? Seeing this, she posted jaw-dropping photos of herself in a dripping wet swimsuit posing hot and glamorous on Instagram and shocked the netizens.

Pallavi Kuppusamy has oozed charisma to the point of surpassing the actresses so that a doctor would criticize her for posing like this.

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