Arrangement to provide land to Kenyan journalists

A. L. M. Ataullah, chairman of the Kinnia Region Development Committee and Member of Parliament, said that necessary arrangements will be made to provide lands to Kinnia region journalists in the interest of them.

The meeting of the Kinnia Regional Development Committee for the year 2024 was held yesterday, Monday (10) at the Kinnia Regional Secretariat Auditorium. He said this while presiding over it.

Those who are continuously engaged in media industry in this area with proper government recognition mark should be absorbed for this. He also asked the concerned officials to identify suitable government land for this purpose.

Also in this meeting, a resolution was passed to build a bus stand on the Trincomalee – Batticaloa road under the city development plan and to build an electrical engineer superintendent’s office for Kinnia area.

It was also discussed about getting appropriate income for the sand transported from Kinnia to the division council and it was decided to take this matter to the district development committee meeting.

It was also decided to solve the existing space crunch at Kinnia Muslim Women’s High School.

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