At 2 o’clock in the night.. Suchitra was betrayed in front of her husband.. Shocking information released..!

Lately, singer Suchitra’s interviews have been a topic of conversation on social media and in Tamil cinema. He had already talked about many controversial things about many celebrities.

Many prominent celebrities like Dhanush Andrea were named in it. Following this, singer Suchitra received positive reviews. At the same time, there were negative reviews.

Suchi Leagues:

Suchitra was very popular at that time. It can be said that after that he was not so visible. In this situation, Suchitra, who recently came to talk about her husband in an interview, again spoke about many controversial things about many celebrities in Tamil cinema.

The videos started going viral again. Speaking then, she had talked about the relationship between her husband Karthik Kumar and actor Dhanush. That was a news that shocked the film industry.

But Karthik Kumar who replied to that said that I am not going to worry because he is talking about me like this. Karthik Kumar divorced singer Suchitra and married another woman.

Party Cruelty:

On one side, there are talks that Suchitra is constantly spreading rumors about him because he doesn’t like living happily with the girl.

Suchitra Karthik 1

Speaking in the interview, Suchitra openly accused Karthik Kumar that my husband took me to a South Indian movie dinner party and entertained his friends.

It is a common topic of conversation that controversial things happen at celebrity dinner parties, but when Suchitra says that it is doubtful that it actually happens.

Suchitra has said in the interview that she was pranked by many celebrities at the dinner party and her husband Karthik Kumar did not hear about it. After this, this issue is currently going viral on social media.

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