At least creative efforts should be made to cancel NEET – Seaman!

Depicting Tamils ​​as thieves? Seaman's Condemnation

Naam Tamilar Party chief coordinator Seeman has urged the DMK government to make creative efforts to cancel the NEET exam.

In a statement issued by him in this regard, “It is shocking that there have been huge irregularities in the NEET examination for the whole of India for the current year, and there have been huge irregularities in the mercy marks given to the students who appeared in the NEET examination.

Since its inception, Naam Tamilar Party has been strongly opposing the deadly NEET exam, which destroys the medical dream of poor students in the name of eligibility test for admission to medical studies. It also led various mass protests demanding the permanent cancellation of the NEET examination. However, it is tyranny that the Union Government of India refuses to cancel the NEET examination even after many students across India have lost their lives because of the NEET examination.

In the name of testing, students taking the NEET exam were stripped of their undergarments and subjected to severe stress to the point that they could not write the exam, until the students were exposed to malpractices including embezzlement in the examination centers.

To top it off, it has now come to light that there were various irregularities in the current year’s NEET examination paper and a huge fraud in the grace marks given for it. The hasty release of NEET results ahead of the declared date and the consecutive roll numbers of the toppers in the exam only adds to the suspicion of malpractices.

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All these continuous malpractices prove again and again that the NEET exam system is unnecessary. Due to the political errors that tried to destroy the democratic system in the past regimes and the abuses of power that tortured the people, the Modi-led BJP government, which has not been able to get an absolute majority, has suffered a major setback and should try to correct its mistakes. To begin with, I urge on behalf of the Naam Tamil party to come forward to permanently cancel the corrupt NEET examination system that is destroying the medical dreams of poor students.

During the last assembly election, DMK promised to cancel the NEET exam immediately after coming to power, and by winning 40 members of parliament in the ongoing election, I request them to use their strength in the parliament and make creative efforts to cancel the NEET exam.”

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