Attention passengers! Tirupati-Kadbadi MEMU train is completely canceled from today till June 30!

Attention passengers Tirupati Kadbadi MEMU train is completely canceled from today

Tirupati-Kadbadi MEMU Train:

Southern Railway has issued an important announcement that from today (June 11) to June 30, the Tirupati-Kadpadi MEMU train and the Chennai Central Tiruvallur Bukar train on June 12 and 13 will be cancelled.

Railway service is the most important public transport service of our country. Lakhs of passengers are traveling in more than a thousand trains operating across the country.

Maintenance Works:

In this situation, due to maintenance work at certain railway stations on behalf of the respective railway divisions, it is usual to change the timing of trains on certain routes, change the route or cancel trains in whole or in part.

In that regard, MEMU train which is currently running between Tirupati-Kadpadi is going to be canceled due to maintenance works. A press release issued by the Southern Railway says,

Total cancellation from today till 30th June:

As maintenance work is going on on the Tirupati-Khatpadi railway line, MEMU train no. 07659 and 9 15 PM from Gadbadi to Tirupati by train no. 07582, is completely canceled today (Tuesday) from 16th June to 30th June.

Chennai Central-Tiruvallur Bukar Train Cancelled:

Also, on Wednesdays and Thursdays i.e. June 12 and 13, as maintenance work is going on at Tiruvallur railway station, the Bukar train from Thiruvallur to Chennai Central at 3.50 am and the Bukar train from Central to Tiruvallur at 4 am will be cancelled.

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