Bajaj Cng Bike Mileage, Bajaj has registered a new name for CNG bike? Is 100 km mileage possible on a CNG bike? – bajaj trademarked new bike name india is it for its new cng bike

Bajaj Cng Bike Mileage Bajaj has registered a new name

At the launch event of the Pulsar 400 bike, Bajaj had announced a new CNG bike in India’s commuter bike segment next month. Earlier, Bajaj had registered a trademark for the name Bruzer, so it was said that Bajaj may name the new CNG bike. In this case, Bajaj has registered a new trademark for the name Fighter. This is not the first time that Bajaj has registered new bike names for trademark in India.

Bajaj Company has registered many such names in the past years and those names are not being used. Bajaj has trademarked several names including Bomber, Singer, Elixir, Aura, Freedom, Trekker, Marathon and Glider. But none of these have been used yet. The last four names of the above have been registered by the company only this year.

Bruiser and Fighter are the latest additions to Bajaj’s list of names. Both have been registered a few weeks before the new bike’s launch, raising expectations that Bajaj might use these names for the new bike. While this CNG bike announced by Bajaj is going to be released on June 18, Bajaj is also testing a new adventure bike on Indian roads. Bajaj may even give the bike a new name, Fighter.

Inside Bajaj’s CNG Bag:

Although Bajaj has announced that it will launch only one CNG bike at the moment, the company has plans to launch 5-6 new CNG bikes like the Pulsar lineup. Bajaj is going to launch a CNG-powered bike for the first time in the world, while only a CNG-powered car has been launched so far. The company is launching this CNG bike with an engine range of 110cc to 125cc targeting the majority of commuter customers in India.

The main feature of this CNG bike is its fuel economy. The company claims that up to 50% fuel savings can be achieved by using this new bike. CNG fuel which gives a maximum mileage of 32 km in a car, is expected to give a mileage of up to 100 km per kg in a bike.

The average mileage of petrol engined commuter bikes is around 60 to 70 kmpl. The price of petrol itself is selling above Rs.100. CNG is sold at Rs.87 per kg. Rs 100 petrol can cover an average of 65 km, while Rs 100 CNG can cover an average of 110 km. Bajaj hopes that this will definitely attract commuter customers towards their CNG bike.

As automakers shift from gasoline vehicles to electric vehicles to control environmental pollution, these CNG vehicles are expected to meet the demand for alternative fuels. It is important to note that CNG is a green fuel and does not emit as much air pollution as petrol/diesel.

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