Because Bittu pictures are available on the internet.. this happened here.. Suchitra Bhagir information..!

Suchitra, who was seen as a popular singer in Tamil cinema, used to work as a radio jockey.

After that, she made her debut as a playback singer in the 2002 film Lesa Lesa and made a good debut in Kollywood cinema.

From RJ to Actress:

After that, he kept getting opportunities to sing in films.

He has sung for many super hit songs like Manmadhan, Kakka Kakka, JJ, Vallavan, Pokiri, Polladavan.

After being such a popular singer, she became addressless. Especially all the songs sung by him became blockbuster hits.

The main reason for that was Suchitra’s magnetic voice. She is famous in Tamil cinema not only as a singer but also as a dubbing artist.

As a dubbing artist, Suchitra lent her voice to Malavika in Tirutup Payale, Shreya Charan in Kandasamy and Lakshmi Rai in Mangatha.

Suchitra’s voice, which speaks stylishly with a bit of English in it, kept getting many opportunities.

Singer Suchitra excelled in the film industry as an RJ, singer and dubbing artist with her versatile skills.

Multi-talented singer Suchitra:

He has also acted in films like Ayudha Aksho, Bale Pandya. Meanwhile, Suchitra created a huge storm in the name of Suchi Leagues in 2016.

In particular, the intimate photographs of celebrities including Dhanush, Anirudh, Andrea, Trisha, Hansika, Nayanthara and others were leaked from his account and caused a great shock.

singer suchitra 4

This matter caused a great uproar at that time. After this problem was resolved, Suchitra also went to London and settled down.

Then again in the year 2020, he was introduced to the public by participating as a contestant in Bigg Boss hosted by Kamal Haasan.

In recent days, Suchitra’s talk on social media has created a lot of controversy.

Suchitra dusted off Suchi Leeks again:

Again the issue of Chuchi Leaks has been dusted off. Suchitra has created panic among the stars of the entire film industry as she has revealed secret things that have not been revealed yet.

He said that once upon a time such films were being shot in Tamil cinema itself.

Vijayakanth, who was then the president of the actor’s association, and actors Sarathkumar Radharavi and other big actors together, such films should not be released in Tamil cinema.

Considering that it will destroy Tamil cinema, wherever such shootings took place, they went to trouble and stopped the shooting.

Bit images on the web:

They don’t allow such pictures to be taken in any hotel or studio.

singer suchitra 5

But, at some point beyond that, such films made the shooting happen.

However, when these films started appearing on the internet, such shootings in cinemas have decreased.

Singer Suchitra has recorded that the availability of such films on the Internet is the main reason why such films are not produced in South Indian cinema today.

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