‘Bharattai but original..’ keep the netizens down – tough tamilism

Tamilisai - Modi
Tamilisai Soundararajan has said that DMK would not have won so many seats if the AIADMK-BJP alliance had formed in the Lok Sabha elections.

Former BJP state president and former governor Tamilisai Soundararajan met the media in Chennai today. He was then questioned regarding SP Velumani’s statement that if the AIADMK-BJP alliance had continued, it would have won many places in Tamil Nadu. He replied, “That is the reality. It is true that DMK would not have got so many seats if it had an alliance with AIADMK. Had the BJP-AIADMK alliance lasted, we would have won more seats. Alliance is a political strategy. AIADMK is using that strategy in Tamil Nadu and all over India,” he said.


He continued to speak, “He has not yet accepted the post after the 2024 election. In this situation, it is not possible to talk about 2026 election alliance opportunities. Also, I cannot comment on AIADMK internal affairs. Annamalai spoke about his opinion, the media can ask him about it. Foreign forces have worked against the BJP in the Lok Sabha elections. In my humble opinion you have failed to select a good candidate. People like Seaman are against nationalism. His speech is inspiring to the youth. Therefore he did not accept the coming of people like him. This is my personal opinion,” said senior BJP leader Tamilisai Soundararajan.

Also, condemning posts about her appearance on social media, Tamilisai warned the likes of Stalin to keep your netizens (IT Wink) under control. He also said that a netizen has referred to him as Baratta, and even though he is Baratta, he has indirectly criticized Chief Minister Stalin by saying that it is original. In addition, Tamilisai said that just as the opposition party warns the netizens, the inner party (BJP) also warns the netizens and members of the war room.

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