BJP has succeeded in defeat- Tol. Thirumavalavan speech

BJP has succeeded in defeat- Tol. Thirumavalavan speech

A felicitation ceremony was held at the Vishika office in Ashok Nagar, Chennai for the leader of the Việtịnh Chiruṭhaal Party, Thirumavalavan, who contested from the Chidambaram constituency and won.

All the volunteers burst firecrackers and distributed sweets and congratulated them by wearing shawls.

Thirumavalavan, leader of the Liberation Tigers Party, spoke on the platform.

We have started moving towards power. He started his speech by advising the volunteers that we need discipline and control.

It’s time to get some things straight. In the 1991 Muppanar election, I contested in two constituencies, Chidambaram Perambalur, saying that only two of the five seats given to contest were enough. I was a government servant then. Because they voted for me at that time, they threw drinks and severely attacked those who voted.

They created an image of non-Dalits as an enemy. He said that this time I submit my success to them.

In 2001, we contested on Udayachuriyan symbol in alliance with DMK. He said he could not vote even then. Today it is not an easy thing to join a party in an alliance and there is no need to beg anyone for an alliance, he said.

In 2006, Jayalalithaa insisted on standing on the double leaf symbol in the AIADMK alliance, but she said that we contested on the separate symbol of the bell symbol and won 2 constituencies. In 2009, I won on the star symbol. Candle in 2011, Ring in 2014, Ring in 2016, Pot in 2019 and Pot again in 2024. If it had won in Villupuram in 2009, the state party would have got recognition 15 years earlier. Gooni is traveling in politics. It was only after identifying themselves by competing separately that MDMK, DMDK and BAM were able to form an alliance.

There is no river of fire, I traveled in a river of fire.
He said that even if we are growing inch by inch, we are growing strongly.

If I am a candidate for office, I can win on a familiar symbol, but we ask for 3, 5 seats in every election. But we will contest in two constituencies. Today we got 4 MLAs and 2 MPs beyond all the vashus. We have gained social recognition, touched political recognition and today we have legal recognition. You just have to work faster from now on. We have crossed the fires and touched the shore. Thirumavalavan said that not only the eyes but also 50 lakh eyes should work with the same goal. I am going to reorganize the party and a meeting of district secretaries will be held in the next few days.

Continuing, he said, “We are sad that India has not formed a coalition government, but you still need maturity and the common people are pulling the teeth of the BJP government.” BJP did not get absolute majority and lost 63 seats. For the BJP, a defeat is a victory, and for the Congress, a victory is a defeat. He said that this historic election has pulled out the poisonous teeth of BJP.

Chandrababu has appointed Nitish Kumar as superintendent.This government will play an important role in the unstable central government. He criticized the BJP saying that the frogs that shouted during the rainy season of the election have gone.

People have not given a chance for BJP to form the government with a single majority, there is a situation where the government can be formed with the support of the coalition party. BJP has got a victory in defeat. India’s alliance has had one defeat in its victory. From 52 seats, Congress has won 99 seats and 240 out of 303 seats. They can’t form a government either, we can’t form a government either, people have taught us a lesson, they have taught a lesson to BJP. The university has poisoned Savakar’s dreams, and this election is in full swing.

The National Democratic Alliance cannot provide a stable government and we welcome this decision with our heads bowed as the victory in both the constituencies is the recognition of the Election Commission. A huge victory for the DMK-led alliance is 100 per cent very happy for the people who have given a great recognition.

All those who were screaming like frogs in rainy season, are lying on the side. In the same way, those who were shouting lotus flower and lotus flower during the election period said that this is not a lake where lotus can bloom, this is a lake where Tamils ​​throw lotus has no business here, they have no other solution but to curl their tails and run to the north, the people of Tamil Nadu have given such a great verdict. Thirumavalavan spoke thus.

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