BJP in Tamil Nadu is like a Bengaluru team that keeps losing – Jayakumar interview!

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AIADMK’s former minister Jayakumar has given an interview to the media as the BJP in Tamil Nadu is like the Bengaluru team which keeps on losing.

Talking to the media in Chennai about this, former AIADMK minister Jayakumar said, “SP Velumani’s statement that he could have won 35 seats if he had contested with the BJP was based on an assumption. Can’t answer that. What he talked about was his position. It has nothing to do with the party.


AIADMK’s position is that there is no alliance with BJP. This is no place for Dravidian soil. Only AIADMK and DMK have a place here. BJP will never gain a foothold in Tamil Nadu. BJP is RCB! We are CSK. In Tamil Nadu, BJP is also like RCB.

Annamalai has become Puntraja, will leaves and water stick somewhere? No more leaves and water in Tamil Nadu. We just said Get OUT. We kicked out the BJP as Get Out. BJP in Tamilnadu is like Bengaluru team which keeps losing. He said that he could not stand.

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