BJP leads in the by-elections.. Congress lags behind.!

BJP - Congress

By-election: Counting of votes for 543 constituencies across India is going on briskly from 8 am today. Similarly, the state of Tamil Nadu’s Vilavankot assembly by-election vote count is coming out.

Also, the by-election polls held in 25 assembly constituencies in 13 states including Gujarat, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Bihar, Haryana and Maharashtra are being released.

In terms of political parties, BJP is leading in 13 seats, Congress in 7 seats, Marxist Communist Party in one seat, Trinamool Congress in one seat, Bharatiya Advocacy Party (BAP) in one seat and Samajwadi Party in one seat.

In that, Congress candidate Tarakai secured 9,400 votes and 6,000 votes ahead of BJP candidate Nandini in Vilavankode constituency in Tamil Nadu.

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