Cabinet list… BJP showing agreement… Suspense breaking before Modi’s inauguration!

The Modi 3.0 regime takes over today. Even if the exit predictions are false, Modi will sit in power for the third time because of the alliance parties. This is not the Modi regime. Not BJP rule. Modi has mentioned that the NDA regime. The swearing-in ceremony will be held at the President’s House in Delhi at 7.15 pm tonight. Drarubathi Murmu administers the oath of office.

NDA alliance parties demand

Ministers take oath along with Modi. This is the highlight. The main parties in the National Democratic Alliance have made various demands asking for seats and sectors for themselves. The question arose as to how the BJP is going to deal with these. But there have been reports that they have shown harsh dealings with the alliance parties.

Place in Cabinet

That is, they should present a valid demand according to their numbers. It is our duty to fulfill it. It’s not fair to ask too much. Those who didn’t get a place in the cabinet, don’t worry. It has managed by saying that when the time comes, positions will definitely be sought. BJP has decided to keep important sectors under its control.

BJP to control major sectors

It includes Home, Defence, Finance, External Affairs etc. It also has an eye on education, parliamentary affairs, culture and broadcasting. It was said that Telugu Desam and United Janata Dal are in particular contesting for the post of Speaker.

Who and how many seats for whom

But the BJP plans to keep it to itself. It is considering giving the post of Deputy Speaker instead. Telugu Desam, which has 16 MPs, and United Janata Dal, which has 12 MPs, are expected to get one cabinet seat and one ministerial seat each. Shiv Sena with 7 MPs and Lok Janashakti with 5 MPs are likely to get only one cabinet seat.

An account put up by the BJP

Apart from this, the Rashtriya Lok Dal Party, which has 2 MPs, is also waiting for a seat in the cabinet. BJP has made some calculations. Accordingly, Pawan Kalyan’s Janasena and Shironmani Akali Dal are also planning to be included in the cabinet. The suspense is expected to be broken by this evening anyway.

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