Call me Big B**** Girl.. Divya Bharti broke down and spoke..!

Actress Divya Bharti is a native of Coimbatore. Even though she is still not in the list of popular heroines in Tamil cinema, she continues to fight for it. She made her debut as a heroine through the movie Bachelor released in 2021.

Kissing scenes and intimate scenes were too much for him in that movie. In this situation, Divya Bharti started getting reception easily as the first film was a stand-up film.

Opportunity in Cinema:

Following that, Divya Bharti is currently acting in Madhil Mel Poone and Kot starring Maharaja Vijay. Divya Bharti’s body structure is beautiful, so there are many criticisms about it on social media.

There is a talk that Divyabharathi maintains his body structure mainly by doing surgery. Divyabharathi has given an explanation in response to this. In it, he shared a page from the slam book given to students on their final days in college.

A comment about the body:

divya bharathi stills

In which he says, “I don’t want to explain or prove anything through this post. This post is to make you think about the flaws you have, recently I had surgery to make my hips bigger.

They share comments that it is through it that I maintain my body shape. But I have posted here that during my college days I was badly called Panda Bottle and ‘Big Butt Girl’.

I can see in my slam book that a classmate made fun of my body shape. But naturally my hips are a little wider. Due to this, at times I started hating my body.

I longed for someone to comfort me then. So what I’m telling you is that you don’t need to be disgusted by your flaws. You love it.” Actress Divya Bharti has given a suitable explanation.

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