Chennai Commissioner’s reply in ICourt

Famous YouTuber and political critic Chavku Shankar was arrested by the Coimbatore Cybercrime Police in Theni district on May 4 after registering a case against him for allegedly defaming top police officers and female constables.

After that, after 7 cases were registered against him, on May 12, he was jailed under the Anti-Hooliganism Act. Chennai City Police Commissioner Sandeep Roy Rathore ordered.

Against this, Chavku Shankar’s mother Kamala filed a writ petition in the Madras High Court. The two-judge bench that heard the petition gave a different verdict. At that time, Justice Balaji had ordered the government to respond in this case.

Subsequently, today in this case, a reply petition was filed in the Chennai High Court on behalf of the Chennai City Police Commissioner. In it, there was no personal malice in ordering YouTuber Chav Shankar to jail under the Gangster Act.

After examining the documents and evidence, an order was issued to imprison Chavku Shankar under the Gangster Act to prevent him from engaging in serial criminal activities.

The case was referred to a 3rd judge after two judges gave a different verdict. Yesterday, the case was again transferred to the 2-judge bench while Justice Jayachandran was hearing the case.

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