Commander to be postponed 69! What is the reason?

Thalapathy 69

Commander 69 : While the shooting of Vijay’s ‘Talapati 69’ was scheduled to take place in August, it has been reported that it will be postponed to October.

Vijay is currently acting in Venkat Prabhu’s ‘Kot’. This film is Vijay’s 68th film. After this film, Vijay will complete his 69th film and leave the cinema to join the political journey. While there are only reports that director H. Vinod will direct Vijay’s 69th film, there is no official announcement about it yet.

Earlier, the shooting of Thalapathy 69 was said to start from August, but now there are reports that the shooting of the film has been postponed. While it was planned in August, now there are reports that it will be postponed to October.

Because Vijay is going to be involved in politics after his film Kot. Already, there were reports that Vijay was planning to hold a political conference. If a conference is to be held, the Election Commission must give permission for it. So, Vijay is currently waiting for that.

He is planning to join the shooting of his 69th film in October after holding the conference and engaging in political activities for a few months. This information was reported by a popular YouTube channel, Webchat. Meanwhile, it is also worth noting that Vijay starrer Code will hit the theaters on September 5.

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