Cook with Komali actress bathing with TTF scent… Video going viral..!

Youtubers are getting a lot of fame and name among the fans as the small screen is like the big screen. In that way, TTF Vasan is the hero who has captured the hearts of the youth by posting bike ride videos on YouTube.

Apart from being an excellent bike rider like Thala Ajith, he is also acting in films. It is expected that he who acted in the film Yellow Veeran will act in many more films.

TTF Vasan..

You may know that even though TDF Vasan has taken such adventures in life at the cost of his own life, he is sometimes arrested for violating the law.

And tens of thousands of fans will be waiting to see the videos that TDF Vasan can release. In that way, you may have enjoyed watching the video that TDF Vasan blogged with popular actress Shalini Zoya a few months back.


In this video, there are scenes of both of them bathing together and many other interesting places. And this video is now going viral on social media.

Cook with Komali actress bathes in TTF scent..

All the fans who are watching this video have found out that this actress has participated in Cook with Komali season five and have liked it.

And it can be said that he has created temptations in the minds of the youth by posting such videos.

TTF 3.webp

They have toured some parts of Alappuzha in Kochi and have created various desires in the minds of the fans.

Frightened fans..

The fans who are shocked to see TDF Vasan’s hair style in this video are saying that if they get a chance, they are definitely planning to go to the places they saw in Kochi.


Also, this issue has gone viral on the internet and has become a talking point among fans. If you watch this video, you will definitely want to visit those places.

If you feel like it, stop and explore those places.And don’t get into trouble by taking your bike and trying to adventure.

If you also want to watch and enjoy this video, just click on the link below.

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