Courtallam Water Falls, Weekend Vacation: Tourists throng Courtallam Falls… Exciting Bath!

Courtallam Water Falls Weekend Vacation Tourists throng Courtallam Falls

Due to the heavy rains in the Western Ghats of Tenkasi district, the water inflow is increasing in the Kourtala falls. In that way, the water flow has increased in all the waterfalls including the main waterfall, Old Courtalam and Aindaruvi.

Main waterfall
Tourists have been denied permission to bathe since yesterday, especially due to the increased water flow and flooding in the main waterfall.

Even today, while the flood has not receded, only the main waterfall has been banned for bathing for the 2nd day, so the main waterfall is deserted without a crowd of tourists.

Weekend holiday

Meanwhile, tourists are enthusiastically bathing in waterfalls including Aindaruvi, Old Courtalam, Puli Aaruvi and Chirataruvi. As it is a weekend holiday, there is a huge crowd of tourists from the morning.

Due to the increase in the crowd, the police are also engaged in strict security.

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