CPM in Dindigul constituency Sachithanandam was a huge success

Dindigul of Tamil Nadu 39 Within the Lok Sabha constituencies22is the th volume

Tirumangalam before constituency reorganization, Usilampatti, Nilakottai (Separate), Cholawand came, Dindigul, Athur assembly constituencies were in Dindigul Lok Sabha constituency.

2008Dindigul Lok Sabha Constituency after the Constituency Reorganization held in, Palani, Otansatra, Athur, Nilakottai, Snoring, There are assembly constituencies namely Dindigul.

Palani in this, Otansatra, Athur became 3 Assembly constituencies are held by DMK. Dindigul, Snoring, Nilakottai 3 Assembly constituencies are held by AIADMK.

The AIADMK has won the Dindigul Lok Sabha constituency a maximum of eight times (including by-elections). Congress five times, DMK 4 And the method, Tamaka have won once.

AIADMK’s first victory in the first election

AIADMK started after MGR, The party’s first appearance was in the Dindigul Lok Sabha by-election. AIADMK got its first victory in the first election. It was in this election that it received the double leaf symbol for the first time.

AIADMK’s first Lok Sabha member K. Mayadevar was elected from Dindigul constituency.

The DMK went straight into the fray

1980After the Lok Sabha elections, The Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam contested Dindigul Lok Sabha constituency directly and did not win. In alliance with Congress, DMK had given the Dindigul Lok Sabha seat to the Indian National Congress.

To its best advantage 2004 First 2009 NSV Sidhan won twice.

2019 Lok Sabha election Results

35 Years later, DMK directly in this constituency 2019 Contested the Lok Sabha elections and won the constituency. In this DMK candidate Veluswamy, than Jyotimuthu, the BMC candidate who was included in the AIADMK alliance 5,38,972 He got the most votes and won.

In this, Veluchami 64.60% Total with votes 746,523 He got votes and won. Jyotimuthu, the candidate of the AIADMK alliance opposed to him 2,07,551 Got votes., It is more different in South India,

Voters Detail

Male voters7,80,096

Women voters8,26,737

Third gender218

Total 16,07,051 There are voters

2024 DMK is the leading party in the alliance in Tamil Nadu for the Lok Sabha elections, AIADMK, BJP 3 Parties are also not competing directly, They reserved the Dindigul constituency for their alliance parties.

2024-Dindigul Lok Sabha Constituency: Main Candidates Contested

The.M.KaSachithanandam (C.B.M)

A.The.M.KaNellie Mubarak (S.D.B.I.)

Pa.J.KaThilakabama (Pa.M.Ka)

Na.Th.KaKailairajan Durairajan

Total with them 15 Candidates were in the field.

Election results 2024

Sachithanandam- 6,70,149

Muhammad Mubarak- 2,26,328


Kailai Rajan-97,895

As a result, CPM candidate Sachithanandam won the Dindigul Lok Sabha constituency by a margin of 4,43,821 votes. Of the total votes cast 58.97 Percentage of votes received.

from this, including midterms 19 Lok Sabha pollsRFor the first time in Dindigul Constituency, MrRThe Communist Party of China won.

Contested from Dindigul constituency 15 Candidates who wonRSachithanandam is the candidate of the Communist Party of China, AIADMK alliance candidate Mohammad MubarakR Besides, PMK, We include the Tamil party 13 Candidates forfeit the deposit.

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