Dhanush, Andrea, Karthik, Trisha in the same room.. Let’s do it.. Suchitra got her head wrapped around..!

For the past two days, singer Suchitra has been tearing everyone’s face by revealing private things about various actors and actresses.

Suchitra, who has been tearing the veils of actresses Trisha, Andrea and Dhanush, is now causing a stir by saying something shocking.

Yes, singer Suchitra continues to open up about her mental anguish in various interviews.

Suchitra Unties the Privates:

In that way I was raped by actor Dhanush on my website after consuming cocaine.

Music composer Anirudhal wrote to Ishta that he was raped. All this they did because of exposure to cocaine addiction.

Dhanush, Andrea Karthik and Trisha will all watch Vidya Vidya in the same room. They watch many films continuously without sleeping for 24 hours.

There was a competition between them called Movie Marathon. 24 hours without sleep and continuously watching movies while intoxicated.

Trisha with Vidya Vidya Dhanush:

They tell me to look at pictures and learn something new. But what is the competition for them without sleeping for 24 hours..?

What are they doing in the same room.. but outside they don’t talk to each other.

They don’t even look at each other wherever they go, be it a film show or an award ceremony.

But singer Suchitra has released information that they are doing so many things in the same room. Hearing this, the fans are lamenting that Sami has lost his head.

Suchitra started her career as an RJ and later went on to become a playback singer singing film songs.

After that, she got various film opportunities as a dubbing artist and was seen as a multi-talented woman who showed her talent.

Suchitra, meanwhile, was embroiled in the 2016 Suchi Leaks scandal. And then Kollywood made him almost invisible.

Suchitra strikes again:

After that, there were reports that he was mentally ill. And he moved and settled in London. It was said that there is no one here.

Then after many years after analyzing this problem, Suchitra has been giving interviews on YouTube continuously for the last two days.

suchi leaks 1

Apart from that, he has been tearing up the secrets of celebrities and their ugly faces which no one knows so far.

In that way, Dhanush is tearing the face of many celebrities like Andrea Karthik and Trisha.

Which other celebrities will get involved in Suchitra’s affair? is questionable.

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