Did you really dress up? Samyukta standing upside down in a leather dress..!

Actress Samyukta started her career as a model and acted in various commercial films.

He used to earn considerable income by conducting photo shoots in various advertisements.

Samyukta Shan:

Meanwhile, she fell in love with Karthik and got married and settled in Dubai.

He also has a son named Rayan. Actress Samantha’s husband Karthik had an inappropriate relationship with another woman for the past four years while she was living in Dubai with her child, family and husband.

Samyukta had come to know about this only during the Corona period and had said in interviews that she was very distressed.

As a result, Samyukta, who was thinking how to escape from her husband, asked for a divorce.

But he also refused to give a divorce. Due to this, Samyukta was very upset and cried telling her close friend VJ Bhavana about what had happened.

samyuktha 2

Samyukta in BigBasal:

At that time the host Bhawana had mentally beaten him and given him a chance to get free from it and get a good position in the Bigg Boss show.

Thus, Samyukta, who had left Dubai for Chennai, became a contestant in the Bigg Boss program broadcast on Vijay TV and became a huge celebrity.

Samyukta, who has been good at good looks, charming beauty and modelling, has become popular among the Tamil people in a short span of time.

samyuktha 3

The show made a huge mark on him. After that show, Samyukta got an opportunity to act in movies.

Opportunity in Vijay film:

Later, Samyukta played an important role in Warisu, a movie starring Vijay.

He made a good mark through that movie. Constantly looking for opportunities in films, she regularly posts glamorous and sexy photos on her social media.

Chikunnu Pose in Sleeveless Saree:

samyuktha 4

In that way, she is currently wearing an attractive leather colored saree and posing in a sleeveless saree showing her hot beauty.

These latest photos are published on the internet and it is attracting the attention of the entire netizens.

For this photo. Lots of likes and comments are piling up. Did the netizens who saw this really put the dress on? They have made tired comments.

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