Director Aamir’s cruelty to his wife Saranya at 2 in the night in Kodaikanal.. Ponvannan talks..!

Director Ameer Bala Sasikumar and all three had left Madurai for Chennai together to become directors. But all three of them occupy a special place in Tamil cinema at present.

In it, director Aamir was a person related to both Sasikumar and Bala. Aamir, who had initially worked with her in Bala’s Sethu, later parted ways with Bala to pursue a solo film.

Introduction to romantic film:

The film directed by Aamir was silent. He got a good response in the movie Maunam Pashathe. After that, the movie Ram was directed by Aamir in 2005.

Jeeva played the lead role in this movie. After that, the next film directed by Aamir was Baruthiveeran. Baruthiveeran is a great movie. Karthik played the lead role in this movie.

In fact, Ram and Baruthiveeran were the two films that Aamir wanted to direct. But if you make these kind of films in the beginning, they won’t get the reception.

This is the reason:

So friends have said that it is better to make a debut as a director with a romantic film. After that, he directed the first film, Maunam Pashya.

Similarly, Aamir himself produced the film because he told the story of Ram to many producers but they did not agree. Ram movie got good response.

Trouble faced by the actress:

Actress Saranya played the most important role in the movie Ram. Actor Ponvannan has spoken about the film experiences and Aamir in a platform speech.


Ponvannan is the husband of actress Saranya. He said that the shooting of the movie Ram took place in Kodaikanal and then my wife used to call me at night and talk to me every day. While talking like that, this director takes me at one o’clock in the night and shoots blood scenes with Jeeva.

He told me that I was very scared but I didn’t know much about Aamir then. But I didn’t understand how we could argue with the director about this. Aamir Ponvannan is a cinematographer with so much commitment.

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