DMDK Demand Recount Of Votes In Virudhunagar Lok Sabha Constituency

DMDK Demand Recount Of Votes In Virudhunagar Lok Sabha Constituency

In the Lok Sabha elections, sitting MP Manikam Thakur contested on behalf of the Congress in the Virudhunagar constituency in the DMK alliance. In the AIADMK alliance, Vijayakanth’s son Vijaya Prabhakaran contested on behalf of DMDK and actress Radhika Sarathkumar contested on behalf of BJP.

While the results of the counting of votes were announced the day before yesterday, DMD candidate Vijaya Prabhakaran was leading from the beginning. However, in the next round of counting, Congress candidate Manikam Thakur started leading.

In the end, Manickam Thakur won by a margin of 4,379 votes who got 3,85,256 votes. Vijaya Prabhakaran got 3,80,877 votes and Radhika Sarathkumar got 1,66,271 votes. In this situation, Premalatha Vijayakanth alleged that there has been an irregularity in the counting of votes.

In an interview given by Premalatha, “Vijaya Prabhakaran did not fail. has been defeated. Irregularity has taken place in the counting of votes in Virudhunagar Lok Sabha constituency. We have appealed to the Election Commission for re-counting,” he said.
In this situation, a petition was submitted on behalf of the DMD to the Chief Electoral Officer for re-counting of the Virudhunagar constituency.

Speaking to the media, DMD Advocates’ Division Secretary Janardhanan said, “We have filed a complaint through mail and register post last night regarding the re-counting of votes in Virudhunagar constituency. As the Chief Electoral Officer of Tamil Nadu has informed us that no complaint has been received, we have now come in person and filed a complaint,” he said.

He said that we are going to file a complaint with the Chief Election Commission in person, “We filed a complaint with the District Election Officer during the counting of votes, but the officer did not accept our complaint. They forcibly evicted us from the counting centre. “If the Election Commission does not take any action regarding the re-counting, we will approach the court,” he said.

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