Do you eat mayonnaise? Alas.. Ban in two countries.. 75 people admitted to hospital.. There are also casualties..

Mayonnaise is a very popular food item. Mayonnaise which used to be a side dish is now eaten as a main dish by people. Eating this mayonnaise causes various physical disorders. Many studies have reported on this. However, the mayonnaise craze continues to gather momentum.

In that way, a deadly poisonous bacteria was found in the mayonnaise kept in the restaurant a few days ago after passing through Saudi Arabia. Subsequently, the government of Saudi Arabia banned that particular brand of mayonnaise. And there was some allegation that this particular brand was being sold in the Abu Dhabi market.

Following the allegation, the Abu Dhabi government has issued a clarification on this particular brand of mayonnaise. It has been said that the said brand of mayonnaise is not sold in the Abu Dhabi market and steps will be taken to prevent it from entering the outlets in the city.

The Food Safety Authority of the country has also assured consumers that it is taking necessary steps to prevent this type of food from the markets of the emirate along with unsafe and unhealthy products.

This mayonnaise, which was served at a Hamburgini restaurant in Riyadh last Sunday, has caused great harm to many people’s bodies. In that way, 75 people have been admitted to the hospital for treatment while one person has died. Following this, the distribution of certain Bantam mayonnaise brand was stopped across Saudi Arabia.

A report issued by the Food and Drug Administration in Saudi Arabia revealed that a sample of Bantam mayonnaise served at the restaurant contained Clostridium botulinum, the bacteria that causes botulism. Because of this, it has been reported that all those who have consumed this mayonnaise have suffered from it. Due to this vulnerability in Saudi Arabia, that particular brand has also been banned in Abu Dhabi.

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