Do you keep cooking oil near the stove? There is so much danger: the warning chef

About the proper way to store cooking oils do you know

Chef According to Divya Bhutani, Easily For easy picking, Keeping oils close to the stove can get us into trouble with many health problems including cancer.

Heat the oilsNear Puk Avoid hoarding. from that The added heat accelerates the oxidation process, Oil Let it go badis Oxidation creates free radicals that are very harmful to the body and cause cancerthat Bhutan said.

Nutritionist Rashi Chahal (dietician, La Femme Hospital) Saying, Because of its high fat content, Edible oils begin to deteriorate once the pack is opened due to oxidation.

It is a chemical reaction, This includes atmospheric oxygen, Triglyceride fatty acid chain of molecules attacking, One is right to save oil container Use and keep lid tightly closed to prevent oxidation.

This Oils can cause digestive disorders and have been linked to free radical-related diseases. These toxic compounds are our vitamins B And E can be reduced to negative, May affect overall health, Said Chahal.

Cooking oil

Bhutani also shares some common mistakes most of us make when buying and storing cooking oils:

Cooking oilYa Special container Or pourers Do not change, Because it is oxygenof, Oil to distort allows Oxygen and moisture degrade the quality of the oil, Thus It gets dirty.

It comes with cooking oils in the container Better to have, Further 1-2 Buy only what you will use within months.

I thought it was best to buy in bulk, But mine 5L Bottled oil 2 I haven’t finished in months, Hence the heat, the light, Oxygen and moisture oil Masadaya. This All four affect the composition of the oil, This has long term negative effects on our health.

Like all other products, Always check the expiry date of oilsdoing The best.

Generally, Extra Virgin Olive oil 6 Can be kept for months. It usually has a very long life, But storage conditions can significantly change the life of the oil, Bhutani said.

of oil UV light Reduce exposure, Reduce the effects of oxidation Dark green Oils should be bought in bottles. Cupboard It is better to store the oils in a cool dark place. You already have oils in the container It’s okay to change. Use it by the expiry date, Unused oil Garbage Throw it in the bin.

This Agreed Chahal, the light, Accelerates fatty acid oxidation.

This can cause significant loss of antioxidants in polyunsaturated oils. Try to store them in dark colored bottles to prevent light from entering the bottle, Said Chahal.

Try to use glass bottles for long term storage, Because plastic leaches chemicals over time. This can affect the overall taste.

Do not store in iron and copper bottles, Because they interact with oils and make them unsafe for consumption.

Some cooking oils are better at room temperature will be. But truffle oil, Avocado, Corn, Sufflar And Silly Some oils likeBy storing it in the fridge AyuThere will be more.

High temperature required Heat resistant for cooking Heat resistant Use oil.

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