Do you want tamarind in temple style? Then add this item.!

Tamarind – In this post, let’s know how to make tamarind like that available in the temple.

required things;

  • Rice = Quarter Kg
  • Jaggery = half spoon
  • Caraway = a little
  • Tamarind = large onion size

To make tamarind powder

  • Mustard= one spoon
  • Pepper= one spoon
  • Chickpeas = one spoon
  • Cumin = one spoon
  • Malli = one spoon
  • Sesame = one spoon
  • Fenugreek = quarter spoon

Seasoning required

  • Ghee = six spoons
  • Mustard = one spoon
  • Uludu = one spoon
  • Chickpeas = one spoon
  • Peanuts = a handful size
  • Dry chillies =10
  • Evergreen = one spoon
  • Chilli powder = quarter spoon
  • Turmeric powder= 1/2 spoon


First pour two spoons of oil on the rice and stir it without lumps and keep it cool. Soak the tamarind also. In a pan, fry pepper, cumin, sesame seeds, mustard, coriander, chillies, cardamom leaves and a little fenugreek until golden brown and make a powder.

fenugreek (2)

Now pour six spoons of oil in another vessel and season with mustard seeds, chickpeas, chickpeas, a little curry leaves and 5 dry chillies. Add a handful of groundnuts to it and roast it and dissolve the asparagus in water.

peanut (1)

Add chili powder and turmeric powder to it and add the soaked tamarind solution. Add required amount of salt and water and mix and keep boiling well. After the tamarind solution thickens and turns into honey, add two spoons of tamarind powder and let it boil for two minutes on medium flame.

jaggery (1)

Now add half spoon jaggery and drop it. After this tamarind solution cools, add two spoons of tamarind powder to the rice and mix it with the required amount of tamarind solution. If you do not make tamarind as usual and do not forget to add sesame, jaggery and fenugreek, the taste will be increased.

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