Don’t make the mistake of putting on thali.. Over drugged.. Hostess who lost her life..!

Divorces are increasing all over the world today. It can even be said that the reason for this is inappropriate friendships and the use of unnecessary drugs. In that way, we will see the case of a famous host who lost her life through an inappropriate friendship and over-intoxication.

Today there are many star couples of not only small screen but also silver screen.

In this, those who got married for love and those who were forced to marry by their parents soon become resentful and get divorced.

Don’t make the mistake of adding Thalia..

Apart from that, news of divorce comes out daily on small screen, silver screen and in the public world. What is the reason for this? No one needs to go into all the research on why so many couples divorce.

Because it is a struggle between two individual minds. There is nothing to research in it.

If you don’t like it, it’s better to break up. There is no pressure to live with someone you don’t like.

And that there is nothing necessary is the voice of many people.

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So there is no need to do further research on this. But in this post we are going to see about a presenter who lost her married life due to her bad habits on small screen and silver screen.

Over intoxicated..

The famous anchor started her journey as a serial actress from her school days and traveled as an anchor.

Having fallen in love with one of his friends and getting married, he has been struggling to get over the drug addiction that he contracted with famous actors.

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This continued even after marriage. To top it off, Ammani took off the thali and left it at home as she should not make such mistakes while wearing the thali.

Host who lost her life..

The husband has reprimanded many times after learning about this matter. Following this, the presenter, who was in a position to avoid her drug habit and traffic with famous actors, has also separated from her husband at some point.

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After that, Ammani has been enjoying her independent life without marrying for a second time till now.

However, sources say that his family is struggling to somehow catch him and bandage his leg.

This topic has gone viral on the internet and has become a talking point among people.

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