Don’t put on the dress.. Malavika Maja pose in the middle of the house..! Enchanted youth..!

Actress Malavika was a popular hot actress in Tamil cinema at one time.

She has acted as a heroine in many films and was seen as an actress who attracted everyone’s attention by showing her glamorous beauty in every film.

Actress Malavika:

Especially in the early 2000s, she was seen as a popular actress and a fan favorite.

Apart from Tamil, actress Malavika Sundar, who has acted in Hindi and Telugu language films, made her debut in Tamil cinema by acting opposite Ajith Kumar in the film Unne Thirdi, directed by C.

It can be said that Ajithan’s market went to the top because he acted in the first film. Malavika has captivated the entire audience with her glamorous look in every film showing her glamor beauty.

He initially made his debut in Tamil cinema, but started focusing on Telugu cinema as Tamil films were not very successful.

Charm Punch in Pictures:

Malavika started to pay attention to Tamil again when she did not get proper film opportunities there and she became hugely popular after making a glamorous debut in Suriya’s Perazhagan in 2004.

She continued to get opportunities as an item actress to sing catchy songs.

He always took advantage of his opportunities without leaving any opportunities behind. She has done item dance for many films and was seen as a popular hot actress.

He wears glamorous clothes and acts badly to make people frown. In Tamil, Malavika has acted in many Tamil movies including Vasoolraja MBBS, Vetik Khodi Kattu, Chandramukhi, Vayaari, Thirutuppayale.

Settling in Aquarius Life:

His market began to decline little by little due to lack of film opportunities. Also, his charisma has faded and opportunities have not been available.

It was at this time that Malavika got married to Sumesh in 2007.

Malavika who is now 44 years old has a son and a daughter. Malavika is living happily with her husband, family and children.

actress malavika 1

He stopped acting for many years and paid full attention to his family life.

Still attractive at 44:

In that way, Malavika’s hot and sexy selfie with a bath towel is now going viral on social media.

Fans who have seen this photo of her without any clothes and posing with just a bath towel, even though you are old, you still have that attractive beauty.

Therefore, they have commented that there may be another round in the cinema and have admired his beauty.

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