Don’t send this to Nirmala Sitharaman who has taken charge again.. Vidya Balan video..!

Actress Vidyapalan is the one who made her debut as a heroine in cinema since 2003. Vidyapalan has also acted in a film in Tamil. He has initially played important roles in many films.

Even in the movie Guru, he acted opposite Madhavan. In her early days in cinema, she was very thin and had the character of a heroine.

But gradually his chances began to diminish due to his obesity. However, Vidyapalan played important roles in Bollywood movies like Om Shanti Om, Baa.

Introduction by Vidyapalan:

It must be said that Vidyapalan is one of the few actresses in Bollywood who has a huge fan base despite appearing in fewer films. Actress Vidya Balan has been acting without much charm since she started acting in 2003.

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It must be said that the movie Dirty Picture acted by such a person in the year 2011 turned the entire Bollywood cinema upside down. Vidya Balan played a very attractive character in Dirty Picture, the biopic of actress Silk Smitha.

Trending movie in cinema:

The film spread like wildfire in Bollywood. After that, actress Vidya Balan became a widely talked about actress in Hindi cinema.

Because until then, an actress who had not been very attractive before, played a very attractive role in a movie, it was a big talk. In this situation, Vidya Balan, who has been talking about many things related to politics, recently released a video that got lakhs of views and became a trend.


In the video, a man calls her and asks her how much she loves me. Vidya Balan replies I love you 72%.

Vidya Balan would have made a political joke by saying that the remaining 28% is GST when the man asked why I thought you would love me 100% or not. The netizens who are sharing this video are saying that the present Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman will not let it be seen and then she will raise the GST.

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