Dos and don’ts when visiting Krivalam..!

Krivalam – In this article you can see why you should go to Krivalam and its benefits.

Krivalam means to crawl up the hill. It means worshiping around the mountain. The divine waves within the sanctum will give us its energy as we circumambulate the mountain.

In general, Thiruvannamalai is special among girivalams. That’s where most people go. But not only there, but wherever the mountain is, Krivalam can also be visited.

Do’s and Don’ts When Going to Krivalam:

One should walk slowly while going to Krivalam. Avoid playing, running and talking. It is best to keep chanting the name of the Lord.

If you have to travel a long distance to Krivalam, you can take less food from time to time.

Benefits of doing Krivalam:

Many Siddhas will live around the mountains. It is said that when we do Krivalam, we get the blessings and power of Siddhas along with God’s grace.

Also it is best to perform girivalam on Ammavasai Poornami days.There is even a promise that those who want grace can do girivalam in Ammavasai and those who want material things can do it in Poornami.

Because on those days the herbs will show their full effect and we will get their rare power. Especially on full moon day some rare herbs will show their power.

Our actions come through mind, voice and language. It is also said that this act of aggravating our body by thinking of the Lord will remove our karmas and get divine favors.

Days and benefits of Kriwala:

It is said that every day when we go to Krivalam we get every benefit.

  • Sunday Krivalam disease will be cured and Shiva’s grace will be obtained.
  • On Monday Krivalam sins will decrease and merit will increase.
  • Tuesday Krivalam poverty will be removed, debt will be removed and all wealth will be available.
  • Budhankrivalam will get development in arts.
  • Thursday Krivalam will get Guru’s grace and wisdom will increase.
  • Silver grivalam will increase wealth and will get blessed with child.
  • Shani Krivalam will remove the dew, gain in business and get rid of doshas.

Each day has its own benefits. It is very good to do krivalam in Brahma mukurtha. If we climb this special mountain once in our life, we will rise like that mountain in our life.

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