Earthquake, mild earthquake in Nellie, Kumari!? Don’t believe the rumor! District Collector explanation! – The district collector has said not to believe the rumor that there was an earthquake in Nellai

Earthquake mild earthquake in Nellie Kumari Dont believe the rumorMild earthquake in Nellai, Kumari:

The people of Kanyakumari have reported that a slight earthquake has occurred in various parts of the district as the sea suddenly receded today.

The people of Kanyakumari area are afraid that there was a mild earthquake this evening. At the same time, it was reported that an earthquake was felt in Nellai Kudankulam area.

Tirunelveli District Collector Refusal:

Officials said that while there was a stir due to reports of an earthquake in areas including North Kundal Swaminatha Puram in Kanyakumari and two nuclear reactors in Kudankulam in Nellai where power was being generated, no such earthquake was felt.

Don’t believe rumours:

Tirunelveli District Collector Karthikeyan has denied reports that an earthquake was felt in Kudankulam area. Moreover, the collector has requested that no earthquake has been felt in any part of Tamil Nadu in the last 30 days and the rumor that an earthquake has occurred in Tirunelveli district should not be believed.

Also, while the people of the area said that it was felt in Vivekanandapuram Kondal Kottaram Anju village in the Kanyakumari area but there was no damage, it is to be noted that the district officials did not give any comment on the reports of an earthquake in the Kanyakumari district.

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