Election time stock market crash.! Case in the Supreme Court.

Delhi: A fresh case has been filed in the Supreme Court regarding the fall in the stock market at the time of the announcement of the election results.

The Lok Sabha elections were concluded on June 1. The polls released after that mostly predicted that the BJP would form the government with a single majority. As a result, the stock market hit an all-time high on June 3.

However, the election results were released on June 4 and the results were slightly different from what the polls said. As a result, the stock market fell that day. The Congress party made various allegations about this.

Now the matter has reached the Supreme Court. Earlier, the stock market fell due to Hindenburg magazine’s news about Adani. After this, a case was filed in the Supreme Court. Indian stock markets fell due to foreign press reports.

Therefore, a case was filed asking SEBI to conduct an inquiry into the matter, claiming that local small investors suffered perm losses.
SEBI had already ordered an inquiry into the case.

Now advocate Vishal Tiwari has filed an interim petition in the same case. In that, the stock market fell when the election results were announced. Many investors lost. It has been stated in the petition that SEBI should conduct an investigation and submit an investigation report.

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