Enough online.. Let’s go to politics.. Elon Musk steps into American politics.. Trump’s sketch!!

Enough online Lets go to politics Elon Musk steps intoAmerica is the leading country in the world. Presidential elections are held here every four years. The process of choosing presidential candidates in the US presidential election is interesting. There are two major political parties in the United States, the Republican Party and the Democratic Party

More people from both these parties will express their desire to contest the presidential election. They have to prove their influence within their respective parties. Then, the two with the most influence are put before the people’s vote and elected.

In that respect, the Democratic Party’s current President Joe Biden and the Republican Party’s former President Donald Trump are in the lead. According to reports, if Trump assumes the presidency, Elon Musk, a famous businessman, will take the oath of office as his political advisor and go to the White House. Negotiations are said to be ongoing.
A leading newspaper in the United States reported that there was a discussion between Trump and Elon Musk for this, thinking that it would be good if Elon Musk, who is intelligent in politics, personality, social media, car company, and business, was his political advisor. It is said that while the two have spoken several times through cell phones, they recently held face-to-face talks and held consultations on border security policies and economics.

Following this, the news spreading that Trump will win the presidential election and appoint Elon Musk as the president but his advisor has attracted worldwide attention and has created a stir. Moreover, neither Trump nor Elon Musk denied this spreading news.

The election will be held in November. Presidential candidates are put before the popular vote after proving their majority within the party. That is how such viral information is spreading.

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