FACT CHECK: 4 candidates who lost in the parliamentary elections by a single vote margin.. What is the truth?

FACT CHECK 4 candidates who lost in the parliamentary elections

The BJP alliance won the parliamentary elections and formed the government at the centre. However, the spread of fake news centered around this election has not abated. Rumors are spreading like wildfire that he is asking for the post of Union Minister and that he is resigning from the post of Union Minister.

Accordingly, many rumors are being spread by some miscreants regarding the reliability of the voting machine. Accordingly, a photo is circulating on social media as a Hindi newspaper reported that BJP candidates Navneet Rana, Ajay Dani, Madhavi Lata and Congress candidate Kanniya Kumar lost by a margin of 19,731 votes in the ongoing parliamentary elections. Also, how come all these 4 candidates have lost by the same margin as mentioned. This is why we are saying to abolish EVM machines, it is written below the photo.

As this photo became controversial, we embarked on a study about it. A search by Google Lens revealed that this photo was published in a Rajasthan newspaper. The news had published the photos of these 4 candidates and the votes they got and by how many votes they lost. However, only one candidate lost by a margin of 19,731 votes. Other candidates lost by different margins. It was revealed that it had been digitally uploaded and edited, and some people deliberately altered it to make it look like they had lost by a similar margin. Hence, it is confirmed that this news and photo is fake.

(This story was originally fact checked Press Trust of India and edited by oneindias, as part of the Shakti Collective)

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