Farewell, ‘Modi Ka Parivar’; This is Narendra Modi’s order!

After a third consecutive term for the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) in the 2024 general elections, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi On Tuesday, he asked his supporters to remove the slogan “Modi ka Parivar” (Modi’s family) from social media.

The BJP-led NDA alliance won 293 seats in the Lok Sabha, while the BJP itself won 240 seats, falling short of a majority. This marks a slight decline in the party’s performance compared to previous elections.

In a message posted on social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter), Prime Minister Modi expressed his gratitude to the people of India for their continued support. He admitted that during the election campaign, many added “Modi ka Parivar” (Modi’s family) to their social media profiles to express their affection for him.

The “Modi ka Parivar” slogan gained traction after Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) leader Lalu Prasad’s jibe during the India Block rally in Patna. Slamming Prime Minister Modi, Prasad said, “If Narendra Modi doesn’t have a family of his own, what can we do? Ram is boasting about the temple. It is noteworthy that he is not a true Hindu.

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