Follow these 8 things.. Stay young like 20 even after 40 years.. Men can do it too..!

Internal care is just as important as external care. We can keep our skin healthy by choosing the foods we eat carefully. Living environment, food habits etc help to improve our physical health. Here are some foods that can help keep our skin looking youthful after 40 and what to avoid.

Better to avoid alcohol!

Alcohol is a hindrance to keeping our skin healthy. Nowadays women also have this habit. Avoiding alcohol completely after age 40 helps protect skin health. Don’t forget that too much alcohol can make skin look old at a young age.

Refined food products!

Healthy eating habits over the age of 40 help keep our skin healthy too. Avoiding refined and sugary foods can help improve skin health.

Avoid fatty foods!

Eating foods rich in good fats helps in skin health. Avoid bad fats and eat good fats like butter and nuts. Bad fats accumulate unwanted fats in the body and affect skin health. And weight gain also leads the way.

Foods rich in protein!

Protein is essential for skin health. Protein helps the cells in our body to function properly. Protein is essential to correct the appearance of aging at a young age and to achieve youthful skin over 40. Make sure you have protein rich foods in your daily diet. Know your daily protein intake and add food accordingly. High protein intake can also cause side effects.

It is better to avoid snacks!

Eating junk food, snacks, sweets etc. in excess of 40 years of age or avoiding them altogether helps in improving skin health. The above mentioned food items are likely to increase blood sugar levels. Therefore, a healthy diet is essential to keep blood sugar levels under control. It also helps protect skin health.

Manage stress!

A healthy diet is not the only factor for healthy skin. Mental health is also essential. When your mind is healthy, so is your skin. So people who have problem like stress can try meditation, yoga etc. to reduce stress. You can distract your mind by focusing on your favorite things.

Green vegetables and greens!

By including green vegetables and greens in your daily diet you can get not only physical health but also skin health. These are rich in nutrients and fiber that our body needs. Fiber helps keep our skin hydrated. These green vegetables and greens help prevent skin dryness.

Add fruits daily!

Make some time to eat fruits in between your eating habits. Fruits help keep our skin glowing and healthy. These fruits help us retain moisture in the skin and prevent dehydration. Consuming fruits after daily meals also helps in improving physical health. You can also consume these fruits in juice form. Diabetics can consume it as fruits.

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