Fresh order on Senthil Balaji petitions on June 14

On the petitions filed by the Minister Senthil Balaji, who is in jail in a case related to illegal money transfer, on June 14 Chennai The Principal Sessions Court is about to issue an order.

Senthil Balaji who was the Minister of Electricity in Tamil Nadu, He has been arrested by the enforcement department in a case related to illegal money transfer and has been imprisoned, Senthil Balaji has been filing bail petitions from time to time. But the court did not grant him bail, His judicial custody continues.

Meanwhile, the Principal Sessions Court of Madras is going to issue an order on the petitions filed by Senthil Balaji regarding the cases registered against him on June 14. Illegal transfer of money in these petitions Senthil Balaji has mentioned in his petition that the details of the bank officials who were working during the alleged incident should be provided. He also said that some of the documents provided to him by the enforcement department have been redacted.

It has been said that between 2012 and 2022, illegal money transfers took place in City Union Bank and Karur Vysya Bank. Because of this in those periods, That the details of the employees and officers who were present in that place should be given, In his petition, Senthil Balaji also mentioned that the bank officials should be directed to disclose the bank card details of those who made deposits in the names of Senthil Balaji and his wife during the period from 2016 to 2022.

On the side of the enforcement department, This case is not amenable to trial as no petition for production of documents can be filed under Rule 91 of Criminal Procedure. Both Senthil Balaji and his wife have spent the entire amount deposited in the Megala bank account and now claim they have no idea. Judge Alli heard the arguments of both sides, Senthil Balaji has said that an order will be passed on the petitions on June 14.

The custody of Senthil Balaji, who appeared in the court through video, has ended today, Judge Alli heard the case, Senthil Balaji’s court morning has been extended for the 38th time. With this, his custody has been extended till June 14.

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