From 3rd to 12th standard… from June 10th, many arrangements… but here is the problem!

Summer vacation in Tamil Nadu ends today. Tomorrow (June 10) all schools will open. On this occasion, cleaning work and safety arrangements are being carried out in full swing. It has also been decided to provide textbooks to all students on the first day of school opening. For this, the printed textbooks were transported from the TBI campus in Chennai to the district capitals and from there they reached every school.

School Education Department Information

Along with this, notes, book bags, shoes etc. are given to the students on the first day. According to the information released by the School Education Department, 60 lakh students are given free notebooks. Atlas maps will be provided to 8 lakh people. 4 crore textbooks were printed for the academic year 2024-25. It is reported that 1.12 crore textbooks are given to private schools.

Bank account to receive scholarship

In this case, the students from 3rd to 12th standard will be able to get the welfare program assistance and scholarship implemented by the school education department from June 10 when the schools will open. For this, students need a separate bank account. It can be applied for at the nearest banks or post offices. The school education department provides assistance for this. Parents complain that this is where the problem lies

Preparations for the opening of schools

Long queue at e-service centers

The issue of getting scholarship is a crisis. This matter will not end so easily. Those documents, these documents are allowed to happen. So we are dragged till the last minute. Adequate assistance is required in case of opening a new bank account. No more waiting in long queues at e-service centers for hours.

Arrangement in Government Schools

It has been requested that appropriate solution should be found on behalf of the school education department. Responding in this regard, School Education Department Secretary Kumaraguruparan said that the government is making all arrangements so that the parents do not face any difficulties. You don’t have to wander anywhere. Appropriate arrangements will be made in the schools themselves.

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