Heavy rain warning, white heavy rain: Vellore people in Kushi! – heavy rains lashed vellore district

Heavy rain warning white heavy rain Vellore people in Kushi

Summer heat From February 2024, the summer heat has started and is scorching. This year has seen an unprecedented amount of heatwaves, causing a lot of inconvenience to both the public and the motorists.

the rain

Due to the lack of water in the forest areas, the wild animals started coming into the town in search of water and food. However, due to the occasional rains in the last few weeks, the effects of the sun are decreasing and the water level has slightly increased.

Meteorological Centre

Meanwhile, the Meteorological Department has issued a notification, in which they have said that an upper atmospheric circulation is prevailing in the coastal areas of North Tamil Nadu, and due to an upper atmospheric circulation prevailing in the southern Tamil Nadu areas, there is a possibility of light to moderate rain with thunder and lightning and strong winds.

Heavy rain in Vellore

In that way, Vellore district has been receiving heavy rain since noon. The public is happy that the heat has subsided and the weather is cool.

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