Here are some great tips to increase your IQ level..!

Brain development -What is IQ and what we should do to increase IQ in this article.

What is IQ?

IQ (intelligence quotient) is a measure of your level of intelligence. For example Isaac Newton’s IQ is 190. Similarly India’s Anushka Dixit has an IQ of 162.

Intelligence means the ability to learn something new and remember it. That is, it indicates the level of intelligence of your brain.

According to a survey out of 199 countries the IQ level of people living in Singapore is 108 but our Indian people are at 81 in this order.

Things to do to increase IQ level:

An IQ level of 90 – 110 is average. This is 110-120 Super Intelligence He. If this is 120 – 140 then very super intelligent. If your IQ level is above 140 then you are a genius.

Researcher Stuart Rich says IQ level has a lot to do with our lifestyle. It means that people with high IQ earn more money and live happier lives.

Everyday you have to think of many new ideas. If you’re reading this post right now, it’s because someone already thought of it. Yes.. behind every thing around us there is someone’s idea.

For example, employees at Google are given one day a week to generate new ideas. This is why even today Google is making great achievements and creating new projects.

By doing exercises like running, cycling, swimming, the number of neurons in the brain will increase and intelligence will also increase.


Keep some good habit for you like music, drama, singing etc. These will keep you stress free and happy and in a good mood. This will improve creativity.

By walking for 30 minutes every day, endorphins are released in the brain. It improves mental health. Not only that, but it also increases the size of the Hippo campus. This is our brain’s inbox. This will increase creativity and thinking ability.

So follow these steps and increase your IQ level. And when you watch TV, laptop, computer, television etc. your brain gets tired.

You should not only learn something new but also implement it. This not only increases the IQ level of your brain but also leads you to progress in life.

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