I asked that I want this in two years.. Singer Suchitra..!

Singer Suchitra’s interviews have been making headlines in Kollywood cinema for the past two days.

Singer Suchitra has been shining as a famous lady in cinema for a period of time with her many multifaceted talents as radio host, television host, singer and actress.

Singer Suchitra:

While he was like this, all of a sudden, his twitter account shocked everyone with pictures of private leilas and videos of actors and actresses.

What does Suchitra have to do with the privacy of actors and actresses? Many different questions were asked in 2016 and shook the entire Kollywood cinema.

It can be said that this issue has been talked about in a big way and many star actors have lost their face after getting involved in this issue.

Many celebrities including actor Dhanush, Trisha, Anuya, Hansika, Andrea, Anirudh were trapped in it.

Intimacy of Prabhas:

A few years later the problem subsided. But now again singer Suchitra is giving interviews to YouTube channels and it is being watched with great excitement.

Moreover, he has broken the private things of many actors and actresses and breaking many secret things that have not come out so far, which has made him awake in the Kollywood cinema.

Again, Suchitra’s issue is creating a lot of buzz, so that all the YouTube channels and Tamil cinema news sites are publishing Suchitra’s news as headline news.

Dhanush caught in the fray:

That’s how Suchitra spoke about Dhanush and Aishwarya’s divorce and Aishwarya was worse than Dhanush in that regard.

suchi leaks

That is, if Dhanush knowingly cheated on Aishwarya by cheating on her and having inappropriate relationships with many people, Aishwarya cheated him by secretly having relationships with many people without Dhanush’s knowledge.

In the meantime, it was their two children who were trapped.

Also actress Trisha knowing about this Suchi Leaks issue she gave her private photos.

After that, he got away with only one tweet after the issue erupted.

singer suchitra 1

Taking this and Trisha’s response to him is being talked about sensationally.

The case of singer Suchitra, which has been put on hold for the past few years, is now starting to explode again.

Suchitra stirs controversy again:

The main reason for this is no one else. It is the singer Suchitra who has been releasing various information on the internet and making her fans tremble.

In that way, the matter that she has published about her husband has kept the pages lying.

He said I am single. I want a companion. So I asked for a baby within two years.

My husband is gay:

But Karthik Kumar is not ready for that. Scientifically he is a person who is not qualified to be blessed with a child.


Homosexual. The one who admits to me that he is flawed.

Singer Suchitra has released shocking information that she has finally left me as a guest for her friends.

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