I read and told Jovika.. now I am stuck.. Suchitra Bhagir information..!

It was singer Suchitra who had mastered the art of singing Westerns in a mellow voice to compensate for singer Chinmayi.

She first started her career as an RJ in radio and later switched her career to playback singing.

Singer Suchitra:

Valam became a famous singer in Tamil cinema by singing many super hit songs for various hit films.

Meanwhile, he has also acted in some character roles in movies. It was at this time that in the year 2016, through his Twitter account, he published photos and videos of intimate leilas of actors and actresses.

Thus Suchitra was portrayed as very bad. Not only that, but actor Dhanush himself posted on his social media page that he was raped and it shocked people.

Some time after this, Suchitra went to London without any address and settled down. Karthik, the husband whom she had married in love, also divorced and separated from her.

Suchitra’s shocking interview:

Suchitra, who has been giving interviews on social media after many years, is hers. Actor Dhanush and his ex-husband Karthik were the reason behind the ruin of their life.

Also when Karthik was doing a prank with actor Dhanush, they needed a Twitter account to publish photos of actors and actresses’ intimate leelas. At that time, my ex-husband Karthik gave my Twitter account to Dhanush and shocked me saying that they have played with my life.

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Also, he used to make series of complaints about many celebrities including Trisha, Dhanush, Andrea, Anirudh and many other celebrities.

Hot talk about Vanitha’s daughter:

In this case, there is a lot of talk about popular controversial actress Vanita Vijayakumar’s daughter Jyothika.

Last year I told Jovica please don’t come to cinema…it’s a bad world and you won’t get set here.

Choose your journey in any other field like Cook, Chef etc. I have read and said many times that please don’t come to the side of cinema.

If she is also very sure that she will not come to cinema side. But almost a year later she has changed to this extent in the name of Torture given by her mother.

The Jovica I saw a year ago is no longer there. If he has trained his daughter and trained her to this extent now.

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Bagheer Club and Suchitra:

Vanitha kept the child by telling her to do attractive photo shoot and tell me many places like I am going to become an actress whenever she talks.

If Jovica turns out to be very worthy of a bow now. If a child is always told that his mother is not right, then the mother’s intelligence will infect the child as well.

Suchitra says in an interview that now Jovica has also changed like Vanitha.

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