I want these two things… VJ Priyanka on second marriage..!

We would have seen Vijay Priyanka, who has been a popular host on Vijay TV, very happy with her lively talk and comedy, without offending anyone.

But Priyanka has told in an eye-opening interview about the worst experiences that happened in her life.

Host Priyanka:

Is Priyanka harboring so many tragedies in her mind? Are there so many difficulties? He has spoken in an interview to the extent that it makes people wonder if he is hiding all that and makes people so happy.

Now we can see about it in this news package. Vijay is crawling on TV as a famous host.

Comedic talk and comedy reactions have their own legions of fans. Meanwhile, VJ Priyanka also participated in Bigg Boss as a contestant.

Even though some of them were criticized, they didn’t care about it at all and made sure to have a separate fan base for them.

After coming out of it, he has been busy hosting TV shows again.

I have that desire:

Recently, Priyanka, who participated as a special guest in an interview taken by the famous host VJ Archana, openly spoke about the worst experiences that happened in her life.

What do you want to do by the age of 40? When asked the question, buying a big car was my long-time dream and I did it.

Bigg Boss next was on my biggest dream list and I have done that now.

vj priyanka 2 1

vj priyanka 2 1

Next, there is a dream to buy a house of your own. I have closed it so that some memories do not come to the house where I am now.

I have another great desire to see my dream house and pay for it. Also to go to 25 foreign countries.

I will not go to America till now. Fulfill that one wish of almost 40 years old.

Many people are spreading rumors that I have been married three times. But I love those who love me more.

Second marriage… Having a baby:

There is such a desire to have a beautiful child. I need to be very healthy for that.

My niece is everything to me now. I long for her love.

I will do whatever she wants. She is now the same as I was when I was young.

vj priyanka 3 1

vj priyanka 3 1

She is not my brother’s daughter… My daughter is my, my mother, my life has become like this. My mother has been suffering for us since she was almost 34 years old.

Bear many burdens in the family alone. My brother-in-law’s daughter came and spoke emotionally saying that she had brought so much joy and happiness to everyone.

Not only that, I will return the love many times more to those who love me and hold me in the palm of their hands.

I want to love. One thing that doesn’t disappoint me is my career.

I will leave everything for the people who trust me and do whatever it takes for them, he said with a twinkle in his eye. It is noteworthy that this interview is attracting everyone’s attention.

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